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Tesla Cybertruck Hits the “Streets”!😁

Today I drove the Tesla Cybertruck! Well… a remote control version of it. I created my own Tesla Cybertruck from simple materials!

I started by taking the plastic shell off my little brother’s Nissan Skyline remote control car (with permission though!). Then I started to created the new Cybertruck shell. I first drew the shape of the Cybertruck on a piece of thin cardboard. Then I cut it out. The thin cardboard acted as a template for the thicker cardboard pieces that the truck would be made of. Using the template, I traced the shape onto the thicker cardboard. After that, I cut out the shape with an Xacto® craft knife. I reapeated this process many times over with other pieces of the truck. Next, I brushed a thin layer of Elmer’s® glue onto each piece of cardboard. After, I applied a sheet of aluminum foil and cut the excess foil. Once all the shiny pieces were made, I used hot glue to attach the pieces to each other. The Cybertruck was starting to come together! Finally, I glued the body to the RC car platform. But the truck wasn’t finished yet. My little brother had to put on the windows, which were made of blue construction paper. After that we put on the front and rear lights, also made of paper. Then, the truck was FINISHED!!

Here is a list of all the materials used:

  • Cardboard (thin)
  • Cardboard (thick)
  • Scissors
  • RC platform
  • Remote control
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Paper ( white, red, and blue)
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun

Here are some pictures of the Cybertruck RC:

Here is a video of the truck in action!

I hope you like the truck! Subscribe!

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