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Check out the TOGG C-SUV, Turkey’s First EV

TOGG is a new car brand that is funded by the Turkish government. They plan to produce electric vehicles. TOGG is the first automaker to be founded and based in the country of Turkey. TOGG stands for Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu, which translates to Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group in English (translation by Google Translate). TOGG has unveiled two vehicles, the C-SUV and the C-SEDAN. Lets dive right into information about these vehicles.

Although both vehicles were unveiled, the C-SUV was the main focus. The C-SUV is a mid-size SUV. It is all-electric and has a claimed driving range of 310 miles and 400 horsepower from two electric motors. TOGG has engineered the powertrain all by themselves but left the designing to another company. That company is legendary design firm Pininfarina. Pininfarina has designed many beautiful vehicles. Pininfarina does not make powertrains for vehicles, they design them. The C-SUV looks very clean and sleek due to Pininfarina’s great design.

The interior of the C-SUV is very modern and luxurious. It has multiple screens across the dashboard. It even has screens replacing side mirrors. The interior also features ambient lighting. All the materials in the vehicle look very premium.

Here is a gallery of the C-SUV and the C-SEDAN.

Here is video footage of the TOGG C-SUV.

I believe the TOGG C-SUV looks very nice. I wonder what is next for TOGG, maybe the C-PICKUP? …

Free PNG download.

*This is the final Drivable Designs article of 2019. I hope you enjoyed it. Happy new year!!

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