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Cyber Fakes!!

The Cybertruck is one of the only new vehicles that is making a huge impact on the world. You may be thinking, “But the Cybertruck is not even on sale yet!” True. The Cybertruck is making an impact because of its design, not its sales. Almost everyone who has seen the Cybertruck, either online or in person, is probably shocked. The design of the Cybertruck is so different than what most people expected. None of the renderings predicted this.

People all around the world are being inspired and want to make their own Cybertrucks, big and small.

Below I have ranked my favorite ones.

10. Drivable Designs Cybertruck

I actually made this one. I made it using cardboard and an RC car body. I am very satisfied with the result. I wrote an article about it here:

9. DIY Designer Cybertruck

This one looks really nice because it is easy to make, and the finished product looks amazing.

8. Adafruit Industries Cybertruck

This is super awesome because it is 3D printed.

7. COG in the Machine Cybertruck

I have always liked LEGO toys, especially the Technic models. This one looks great and it has all the right features.

6. BrickinNick Cybertruck

This looks really good and fun to play with. If you want it to become an official Lego set, you can support it here

5. DIY Designer Cybertruck RC

Yes, the same person made 2 Cybertrucks. I like this one even more than the previous one, because you can control it.

4. VINwiki Cybertruck

These people in this video disguised a Ford F-150 to make it look like a Cybertruck. Although the finished product did not look nearly identical to the real truck, people thought it was the real deal!

3. Cannon Garage Cybertruck

This little moving Cybertruck is from Russia, and it looks super nice. The language in the video is Russian.

2. the Hacksmith Cybertruck

A skilled team of people built this Cybertruck, which is half-sized. The truck is made from scratch and looks really nice. There is a first and second part of the video. A third part is coming soon.

1. Garage54 Cybertruck

This Cybertruck is also from Russia, and it is my favorite one. I like this one the best because it is life-sized! It is copied to the smallest details, even the bumpers. It even drives! Now it just needs to be polished! The language in the video is Russian.

That ends this list of Cyber Copies. I hope you like all the amazing Cybertrucks people have created. Now go out and create your own!

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