GMC Releases New Yukon!

GMC, or General Motors Company, just unveiled the redesigned Yukon full-size SUV. Just like its siblings, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, the new Yukon takes on the styling of that brand’s pickup truck. In this case, the Yukon takes on the design of the Sierra pickup truck.

The new Yukon also has independent rear suspension, which means each wheel’s suspension can move freely without affecting the other wheel. The Yukon is also available with a turbo diesel engine. The gas V-8 engines are mostly the same.

The Yukon’s design is very clean and stylish. It has a very large front grille between two large headlights. The headlights of the Yukon look very similar to the Sierra pickup, just a little bigger, more like the Sierra HD.

GMC Sierra HD
New Yukon

The back and side of the new Yukon look very similar to the Suburban. The rear lights are the exact same shape as the new Suburban, just GMC Sierra-style.

The interior is all-new, and NOT the same as the Sierra. I think it looks a lot better than the Sierra! The interior also has a new rear entertainment system. The infotainment screens are now mounted on the back of the two front seats, not the ceiling of the vehicle.

A new trim called the AT4 trim was released. The AT4 trim is meant for premium off-roading.

Here are a bunch of photos of it!

Here is driving footage of the new Yukon.

The Yukon, Suburban and Tahoe have been unveiled. The next full-size SUV to get redesigned is the Cadillac Escalade!

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