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Was a future Dodge Just Teased?

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Global Head of Design Ralph Gilles may have teased a design for a future Charger in a recent Instgram post.

The posts says: “We are still having virtual design reviews while we self isolate & work from home… While we are NEVER to show future product on social media. I have made an exception this time as this experimental design of a #Dodge of the future fell on the cutting room floor…because the designer decided to make the yellow spoiler guards a permanent part of the theme. We had a really good laugh about it though! #fcadesign

Gilles mentioned that the yellow front spoiler guards were a permanent part of the design of the vehicle. Yellow front spoiler guards are a common thing to see on newly manufactured Dodge sports cars. They protect the front spoiler from damage during transportation. It is meant to be removed by the dealer after delivery. However, some people like how it looks and keep it on their vehicle. There is a lot of controversy over whether or not it should be kept or not.

Photo Credit: Dodge

The picture on the post shows a future Dodge product, with design cues that resemble the Dodge Challenger. That makes me believe that it could be a future Challenger. The design features an aggressive style with narrow front lights.

Photo Credit: Ralph Gilles on Instagram

The side of the vehicle is much more curvy than current Challengers. It seems to have a side air intake with two more on the hood of the car.

The design of this sketch reminds me of the Peugeot e-Legend Concept:

Photo Credit: Peugeot

I believe this sketch is previewing the design of a future Challenger. Just expect the production version to be less extreme. What do you think?


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