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Pixlr Review – The Powerful Free Photo Editor

Today I will review an amazing online photo editor that is available to the public. Pixlr has given me the unique opportunity to review their product in exchange for a Pixlr Advanced Subscription.*

Pixlr was first introduced to the world in 2008 by a Swedish developer. The goal was to create a powerful browser-based photo editor that would be available for everyone. In 2012, Autodesk, Inc. acquired Pixlr with the intent of improving the features and expanding the number of users worldwide. Now Pixlr belongs to the Imagine Group, a company with a broad creative ecosystem featuring many useful products like royalty-free photos, audio, video, design elements, editing tools and more.

I first found out about Pixlr when I was looking for a powerful photo editor to make digital automotive renderings. I needed to use a liquify tool, a feature that I thought could only be found in Adobe Photoshop. The liquify tool can push, pull, swirl, enlarge or shrink any part of an image. I knew the liquify tool would be useful for quickly modifying the shape of a vehicle. Pixlr has the liquify tool and it is free to use. Even better, it is browser based, so I didn’t have to download any software.

Pixlr Photo Editor

I used Pixlr to create one of my favorite renderings, the Tesla Model XL. Without Pixlr, the process would have been much harder.

Tesla Model XL Rendering

Now I am still using Pixlr and getting a better understanding of its many available features. Pixlr comes in two versions, Pixlr X and Pixlr E. Pixlr X is better for beginners. It has useful features in an easy to use format. Pixlr E is more advanced. It is bit harder to learn but it has many powerful tools. If you upgrade to the premium subscription for only $3.99 per month you will get full access to Pixlr X and E. These are some of the incredible features you will recieve:

  • Full Access to Pixlr X and E
  • Extensive editing tools
  • AI CutOut (and future AI tools)
  • 3,000 extra overlays
  • 7,000 extra icons/stickers
  • 5,000 decorative texts
Pixlr X
Pixlr E

I recently created a stunning 2021 BMW 5-Series wallpaper using Pixlr X and Pixlr E.

Watch my easy-to-follow tutorial below:

Try Pixlr! I think you’ll really enjoy being able to create stunning art for free.

Download my wallpaper:

*After creating my Tesla Model XL digital renderings, Pixlr offered me an Advanced subscription to showcase their product and share my opinion.


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