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The Tesla Model S and X Got Refreshed!

Tesla has just refreshed the Model S and X with an all-new interior design and front fascia! The new vehicles were announced during an earnings call on January 27, 2021. The main change of the design is in the interior of the vehicles. Let’s dive into this new information!

Interior: The interior of the Tesla Model S and X has gotten a huge overhaul. The large center display is now orientied horizontally instead of vertically, just like the Tesla Model 3. However, unlike the Model 3, the Model S and X have a display behind the steering wheel.

Model 3 (left) and Model S (right)

The Model S and X also have a new display for rear passengers. Tesla says the rear entertainment system has “up to 10 teraflops of processing power” which “enables in-car gaming on-par with today’s newest consoles”. That seems very exciting!

But one of the most shocking features of the S and X interior redesign is the lack of shifter and turn signal stalks. According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, the vehicles will not need a gear shifter because the car will determine what direction it needs to go based on its surroundings. However, this can be changed manually via the touchscreen. The turn signal controls are on the steering wheel of the car, which is also very interesting. The steering wheel of the new S and X looks as if it was taken from an airplane! I’m not completely sure this will make it to production though.

Exterior: Both the Model S and X have received subtle exterior refreshes. The Model S has a more aggressive-looking front fascia. It also seems to have better airflow. The Model X has similar upgrades. Both models have also received chrome delete, which gives a sportier look. The rear design of the vehicles remains unchanged.

Tesla Model S Exterior Refresh
Tesla Model X Exterior Refresh

I really like these new updates. The Model S and Model X’s designs had never been updated since they were released, so it is really nice to see an update. I am curious to see if Tesla’s new steering wheel design will make it to production. Thanks for reading! To see more pictures, check out the galleries below:

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